Setting your career in motion: Tourism and Hospitality at GUPES in Gdansk

Nestled in the dynamic Tri-city agglomeration of Gdańsk, Sopot, and Gdynia, the University of Physical Education and Sport (GUPES) in Gdansk offers a comprehensive program in Tourism and Hospitality. As the 2024-2025 academic year approaches, prospective students have an opportunity to dive into a curriculum designed to shape the future professionals of the tourism and hospitality sector.

Why choose GUPES for Tourism and Hospitality studies?

GUPES is strategically positioned in Gdansk, a city renowned not just for its historical significance but also as a vibrant tourism and academic hub. This location provides an ideal backdrop for a program that blends academic rigor with practical insights into the tourism and hospitality industry. The bachelor's program at GUPES is tailored for individuals passionate about the dynamic world of tourism, recreation, and hospitality management.

The curriculum is crafted to ensure that graduates emerge as well-rounded professionals with a broad set of applicable skills. From managing tours and recreational activities to excelling in customer service at top-notch hotel facilities, the program covers all essential aspects of the industry. One of the key highlights of studying at GUPES is the access to highly qualified faculty and extensive practical training directly within the tourism and hospitality sector.

Developing core competencies

Students enrolled in the Tourism and Hospitality program at GUPES will develop a suite of competencies crucial for successful careers in the industry:

  • Planning and organizing a wide range of tourist activities, both individual and group-based.
  • Mastery over customer service components essential for the hospitality sector.
  • Proficient use of modern technologies crucial for today’s tourism and hospitality workplaces.
  • Skills in promoting and selling hotel services effectively.
  • Strong foundational skills in professional interpersonal communication, vital for teamwork and customer relations.
  • Expertise in managing and financially overseeing one’s own business within the industry.
  • Language skills specific to tourism, enabling communication and service provision to international clients.

These competencies are designed not only to enhance the employability of graduates but also to prepare them for potential entrepreneurial ventures within the tourism and hospitality industry.

Career prospects and opportunities

Graduates of the Tourism and Hospitality program at GUPES are well-prepared to enter a variety of roles within the industry. Potential career paths include:

  • Employment in travel agencies where they can use their skills in trip planning and customer service.
  • Working with tourist associations to promote regional attractions and coordinate tourist activities.
  • Opportunities in wellness and spa centers, focusing on guest services and facility management.
  • Roles in hotels and other lodging establishments where they can apply their skills in hospitality management and service excellence.

Given the strategic location of Gdansk and its status as a tourist hotspot, graduates have a unique advantage in finding opportunities that are both rewarding and progressive.

Program specifics

The bachelor's degree in Tourism and Hospitality at GUPES is a first-cycle, full-time program that spans three years. It adopts a practical profile, ensuring that students not only learn theoretical aspects but also apply this knowledge in real-world settings. The practical focus of the program is reflected in its extensive partnerships with local tourism and hospitality businesses, offering students hands-on experience that is directly relevant to their future careers.

In summary, the Tourism and Hospitality program at GUPES is a gateway to a flourishing career in a sector that is both exciting and essential. It equips students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to make significant contributions to the tourism and hospitality industry, all set against the vibrant backdrop of Gdansk.


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