Global Business and Logistics: Navigating the Future at University of Gdańsk

In the academic year 2024/2025, the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk (UG) introduces its comprehensive suite of full-time English-taught programs, designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of the international business landscape. With programs ranging from Bachelor and Master's degrees in International Business to a Master's degree in Logistics and Mobility, UG sets a new standard in higher education for aspiring professionals in the global market.

International Business Bachelor and Master Programs

The International Business programs at UG stand out for their unique approach to teaching strategic and global business management, marketing, financial issues, and providing specific insights into the business system. These programs aim to furnish students with a broad understanding of international business complexities, preparing them for challenging roles in various sectors.

Courses cover diverse issues of international trade and intercultural approaches to business, encouraging students to tailor their thesis to their interests. The teaching methods include lectures by both esteemed university professors and practitioners from the industry, seminars, case study analysis, and more. These programs ensure students receive up-to-date theoretical knowledge of the contemporary business environment.

Students will explore core subjects and a range of electives deepening knowledge in specific areas of international relations such as international marketing, international business transactions, and more, enhancing their readiness for the global business environment.


International Business, full-time bachelor program

International Business, full-time master program

Logistics and Mobility Master Program

The Logistics and Mobility program is meticulously designed to provide knowledge and skills in conceptualizing, assessing competitive potential, and applying methods to optimize business processes, with a special focus on logistics. This program addresses the economic aspects of logistic support and mobility, blending topics related to logistics process modeling, supply chain management, sustainable urban mobility, and IT tools application in logistics and mobility.

This innovative program is enriched by subjects expanding knowledge on mobility, crucial for the evolving market of transport, forwarding, and logistics services. The significance of logistics functions and mobility development in the TLS market is emphasized, offering unparalleled advantages to students.


Logistics and Mobility, full-time master program

Employment Perspectives

Graduates from these programs are well-prepared for a variety of positions in the international business and logistics sectors. Potential job titles include logistics manager, supply chain manager, specialist for mobility planning, specialist for sustainable urban mobility management, and specialist for freight forwarding, among others.

In summary, the University of Gdańsk's Faculty of Economics offers programs that are not only academically rigorous but also closely aligned with the demands of the global job market. By choosing to study at UG, students will embark on a journey that prepares them for successful careers in the dynamic fields of international business and logistics.

last modification: 2024-05-15
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