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Physiotherapy - The University of Vincent Pol in Lublin

city: Lublin
level of education: Bachelor's degree
university type: universities
university: The University of Vincent Pol in Lublin

Choiny 2 str.
20-816 Lublin
tel. (81) 740-72-40, 740-25-08

Physiotherapy is a medical profession which aim is to give complete health care services within prevention and recovering from an illness. Graduates of Physiotherapy gain knowledge and professional preparation in accordance with the requirements being in effect in health protection. The curriculum for Physiotherapy studies complies with the requirements of The Ministry of Science and Higher Education within education standards and directives of World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT). 

Having the privilege of autonomy in creating curricula and wanting to enhance the chance of our graduates to be competitive on the job market, 10% of the general number of lessons is conducted in the specialization unit - Biological Regeneration which subjects are carried out at the subsequent stages of education after acquiring knowledge of main and professional subjects. Graduates receive a diploma confirming their professional title of the Bachelor of Physiotherapy and also a certificate that confirms carrying out 300 hours of biological regeneration classes. The School provides practical classes in health care units and also in a modernly equipped Academic Centre of Physiotherapy created by the School. A group of specilists guarantees students the educational development. 

A graduate gains knowledge and skills enabling him to facilitate people at different age to let them preserve optimal physical fitness and efficiency lost or lowered because of various illnesses or injuries. A graduate is prepared in accordance with standards of educating people to work as a teacher in health service, centers for disability services, sports centers and education system. Students of our School have the possibility to get used to scientific activity being engaged in Student Scientific Association of Physiotherapy. Courses and postgraduate studies offered by the School provide graduates with the development and professional improvement.

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